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I use the PHP-API, so every bot hits my visitor-log. "Bot Tracker" or "bottracker") and then check the folder and file permissions. btw: I tested the plugin with Piwik 1.3 and 1.4 Hi sun, first of all: the plugin is not able to track multi-sites. But remeber: The plugin will only catch non-JS-Vots if you use the PHP-Tracking-API! I had add a column to the database, so if you install the new version, it will drop the old database and create a new one.

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Feeld, she says, is better for finding this given the type of sexually and romantically open-minded match.I'm a professional programmer for more than 16 years now, but mainly on the mainframe. To run the install-script you have to follow these steps: Hi sun, I found the error. Will the update-scripts run automaticly when you update the plugin?