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12-Nov-2017 13:35

Besides complementary therapies, the purpose-built centre will offer fitness and education programmes.

It is not known which therapies will be used at the new centre, but a conference on ‘integrated’ approaches to women’s health at the mansion this autumn will explore homeopathy, reflexology and acupuncture.

The regular practice of yoga can help you maintain balance in the different chakras and keep the spirit and soul strong and healthy, thereby benefiting both the body and mind.

Creating space between the vertebrae serves to 'plump' the disks between them, allowing energy to flow freely to the brain and giving the blood a clear passageway to circulate in a healthy manner.

Boys and young men in their teens usually develop their legs and arms through sports or weight training.

Unexplained depression, anxiety, illness, unhappy relationships, and financial challenges can all be forms of this... Consequently, ecological principles operate within all aspects of human culture and our own lives—and permaculture’s regenerative design framework applies not just to landscapes, but to all aspects of...

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Prince Charles is creating a state-of-the-art clinic that will offer free ‘holistic’ care for patients referred by NHS doctors.Explore topics such as finding time to meditate with modern schedules, creating a...“People are complex,” says Stan Tatkin, developer of a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT).

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